Kids, Holidays & Balance

First, a Happy Thanksgiving to you if you are in the US. Canadian thanksgiving is in October, so yours always feels like the start of holiday season.

Man, I am excited about Christmas and this holiday season. My kids are just at that right age. I find myself remembering what my parents did for me consistently year after year. I was lucky. I don't know how much effort it took them. All I know, is I had great Christmas.'

My kids are lucky too. But, life is busy. It was a scramble just to get the pumpkins carved this year for Halloween. Good intentions are great, but sometimes I am not sure that I am giving them the same benefits. Bad parenting or a symptom of our crazy lives?

I am determined to do the best job I can do for my children and family this year and to demonstrate the true giving spirit of Christmas this year by showing them how it is important to give to those less fortunate.

I wish us all due attention and focus on what is truly important in our lives this holiday season.

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