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Poker vs. Career Type

I am up in the amazingly beautiful Whistler, BC for a guy’s weekend. Which has afforded me not only the opportunity to learn some poker games I didn’t know and actually pull the Guinness from the tap, but also hang out with a buddy, and some of his buddies.

At the poker table last night, if you even mentioned work it cost you a buck to all the other players. However, I did have the opportunity to observe, and today, talk career shop with a few of the guys. So, for fun, I will juxtapose career type with poker playing style.

My buddy the CEO. Someone who is very successful in his career. Now working through issues about values. Now that he has reached a certain level of success, what is important to him.
Card style: Trying to play the whole game…from probabilities, to bluffing. Bets on most hands.

A professional actor, accustomed to working more or less regularly, but suffering through a real slow year in the industry.
Card style: Zany bluffer.

Restaurant Manager, someone who has to live and breath operations.
Card style: Organizes the game. Explains the rules to everyone. Kept the game moving.

A successful restauranteur - Has the touch. Self-made and bigger than life.
Card style: Aggressive. Doesn’t even look at his cards half the time. Playing large.

Finance executive. Smart, wry humor, conservative.
Card style: Folds a lot, but when he bets, he normally wins.

Me. Conservative with the occasional bold bet when things looked good.

Who was up? Me, the finance guy and the CEO.

Lessons: What we do for a living is a reflection of who we are, or vice versa.

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