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Hi! Welcome to the weblog version Bold Career.

If you are new to Bold Career or me, Ian Christie, you will find links in the left upper column about me and to the Bold Career site.

Being Bold! is for: If you have ideas, plans, goals, ambitions or aspirations about your career and life, then Being Bold! is for you. My mission in life is to improve the quality of your career. Join as a free member and tune into this weblog.

I have been in operation since the spring of ‘02 following a stint at and prior to that my first venture.

For current members and readers, I have decided, after much examination, to take advantage of this wonderful personal publishing media, weblogs. My intent is to provide you with more content more frequently. I also hope to make it easier for you and me to communicate as email publishing is becoming more and more sketchy.

I beg some leeway as I figure out how to drive this thing. A bientot.

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