All Days Are Not Equal

I've wrote about it before. Life just doesn't happen in a steady, predictable stream. Good and bad things come in bunches. Sometimes, on the same days. All days are not created equal. Have you noticed it too?

I am having one of those rare, memorable days. Exciting conversations. Significant progress. Serving customers. Pleasant surprises. But mixed in there, anxiety about unfinished business. Decisions that need to be made. And, the sudden death of a friend's son.

A former boss once said in a meeting I was in, "you make all of your money in 30 minute conversations every 3 years or so." He was referring to career transitions and deals, but I think it holds true in a broader sense. I am stating the obvious of course, but often the obvious is the most important.

I take it as a reminder, first, never to give up. At some point, the slowest, darkest days will be followed by something good. Second, never take for granted what you already have.

A Plea for Boldness
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