Snow Day

On a personal note...I live in Vancouver and love it. However, if I could change one thing, it would be a little bit more snow and frozen ponds so I could go skating outdoors. For those readers who aren't familiar with Vancouver, it hardly ever snows here - less here than pretty much anywhere else in Canada. It does snow in the mountains surrounding us and I can be in the snow after a 30 minute drive. Just South of us in Seattle, it snows a lot more. Go figure.

So, today I woke up to beautiful snow! Just got back from a run. As I dry out, I reflect that there is something about snow that brings out the best in other snow people. Bigger hellos. Bigger smiles. Happy New Year greetings. I like that.

If you are cynic, you will say that I wouldn't feel this way if snowed all winter with the sludge piling up. Perhaps, but I lived in Boston, and liked that. Anyway, everything has its ups and downs. For now, I am delighted to see a white view. I think I will go make myself some hot chocolate.

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