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The Bold Career Theme


Leading a Bold Career is about an attitude. It is about taking purposeful action to more closely align who you are with what you do for a living. How that action is manifested can be in a thousand different ways. It may in fact, for SOME PEOPLE, be about pursuing a dream career, or starting their own business. That’s awesome and I support that. However, of equal value and importance are other types of changes that are less “dreamy.”

  • Changing occupations because the new one is a better fit with you

  • Changing companies because the culture of way of doing business where you are doesn’t fit with your style or values

  • Daring to reach just a little bit higher to get beyond a dead-end job to find somewhere where you can grow

  • Deciding to dump your toxic boss because there is somewhere better for you and going out and finding better work

  • Making tweaks in your role / profession so that it better fits your style and skills and aptitudes

  • Following your natural abilities rather than against them

  • Finding a way to continue in the same kind of functional role you are in now, but in an industry that you are more passionate about, or simply interested in

  • Taking the time to understand yourself better, so that you can make better decisions

  • Taking the time to DECIDE where you want to be, who you want to work with so that when the WRONG thing comes along, you can see it and avoid it (for those of you who are having trouble finding any work, you might scoff, but I am telling you most career misery is the result of bad decisions).

All of these, and many many more, are equally valuable. The goal is to get you doing work that gives you more than a paycheck, or at a minimum, doesn’t cost you more than your paycheck is worth. (In health, integrity, stress, etc.) EVERYONE has the ability to make small tweaks for the better.

The more you can align your work with who you are:

  • Your personal values

  • Style

  • Interests

  • Abilities, Aptitudes

  • Skills

..the more fulfilled you are going to be. For those of you that have BIG dreams, awesome. For those of you who have smaller goals, awesome too.

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