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Creative Networking 1

Tomorrow, I join a friend at his 3rd monthly networking event. The concept? An invite only networking function, hosted by him. This is a great idea to kick-up your job search or personal branding efforts.Who is coming? Repeat guests and new ones - people he has added to his network since his last event. At this event, everyone is required to talk about themselves and their "problem / opportunity" in a concise, specific way, so that the group can help.

I am telling you, it is a powerful way to go beyond being merely an attendee at other people's networking events. When you organize and bring people together, you are establishing yourself as a connector. You are creating a reason for people to want to know you. And, you are genuinely helping other people, which strengthens your relationship with them.

Not bad, eh? Nothing complicated. Start with 5 people at Starbucks. Or 15 at a bar. It doesn't matter. Give it a shot!
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