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My Mom said get your foot in the door...

You know, there isn’t a lot of room these days for the old-fashioned door-knocking job search and sales method. Or is there?

I have a client who, in his past, won his 2 jobs simply by showing up at reception and asking to speak to someone. They didn’t offer him a job then and there, obviously, but he got his foot in the door.

Currently (as I write this), he is interviewing at a company with the perfect job for him - simply because he did a bit of homework, and showed up at their office. He has a background that is close to their candidate profile. And, he is presentable. The opportunity wasn’t advertised. In fact, they told him they were hiring, but already had a short-list. Then, a week later, the phone rang.

I am not suggesting this tactic for everyone, but it makes you think. You never know.

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