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Making work personal

Sharp readers are going to catch me stating the obvious on occasion...that's ok. Often, the most obvious is really a profound truth. Here is one that can make your life a lot more pleasant, and increase your chances of success:

Try and work and do business with people you like and respect.

Being successful in your work, career and business dealings to a large extent is about putting yourself in situations that fit.

Cultural fit. Environmental fit. Job fit. And, people fit. If you can't stand the people you work with, or vice versa, then you have a problem. Even one bad relationship can spoil the party.

The first level of defense is to add a people-fit screen to your career and business decision-making. Good job opportunity. Good deal. Great. Now, do I like and/or respect these people? That's number one.

Second, trust your gut. If you have a bad feeling, pay attention. Do more homework, or walk away.

Third, try and meet as many of the actual people you will be working with as possible.

Fourth, ask around. Alumni of the company. The word on the street. Customers. Whoever you can think of that might have some insight into the culture of the place, and more importantly, the people you might be working with.

You owe it to yourself to add this bit of effort as you navigate your career. It will be well worth it. Okay, I can't help myself. I'll state another obvious one: LIFE IS TOO SHORT!

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