The fun and headache of a new laptop


Rebooting your career management with new equipment

Once in a while, life throws you roadmarks - signs that allow you to measure your progress. Something happens that reminds you of the passing of time since the last time the same thing happened.

I bought my new laptop this weekend, sticking with the same one I had before - the amazing Apple Powerbook G4 15”. It really is a great system, with lots of hardware improvements over my previous model.

Thinking about it this morning, it was a sign of the development of my solopreneur business (a good sign) that I am focused on getting it working, and not playing around. A few years back when I bought my previous system, I had the time to play with it. Yes of course, it was a business tool, but being honest, a really nice toy as well. This time around, I do not have that time. My business has grown, and the value of my time has increased. Of course I notice the cool features (two finger scrolling on the track pad!), but I have to get this up and running as efficiently as possible. I have clients to serve. Products and services to develop. Articles to write. And a family and personal life to enjoy.

So, I was delighted to try the Mac to Mac file transfer with firewire cables yesterday. It saved me a lot of hours. I wish I could say it was perfect. One essential, but complicated program I use didn’t like the transfer and will not start-up. My goal of being up and fully functioning this AM did not pan out. I will get it sorted.

The cool thing, going back to the roadmarks, is that working on my business is a funner, more satisfying endeavor that playing with a new tech toy. Now that’s cool! 

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