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First job offer not your first choice?

My latest Monster article First Offer Not Your First Choice deals with that all too common job search problem. If your first job offer isn't your first choice...when to take it -- and when to walk away.

When you're unemployed, unhappily employed or eager to change careers, jumping at the first offer you get -- even if it isn't quite what you want -- can be tempting. So should you?

While an offer can give you a sense of security, that feeling can quickly vanish if the position just isn't right for you and you find yourself looking for another job quickly. Besides giving the impression that you're a job-hopper, a poor career decision like this can also undermine your self-confidence and derail your career progress.

That's why you should think deeply about whether you should accept that first offer or hold out for something better. This guide will help you through the decision-making process.

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