Vacation Wrap-up

I have just returned from a fantastic vacation in Quebec and wanted to apologize for my blogging silence over the few weeks.

We were gone for 3 weeks, which for me is a long time. Two weeks at a lake, as well as time in Montreal and beautiful Quebec City. I did a few things that really worked well...

* I totally unplugged for 8 days in the middle of the vacation time. No cell phone. No email. It helped that I was at a lake where if I wanted to make a call I would have to hike up a hill into the forest and stand amidst the bugs. Taking a complete break like this is like resetting your computer. I am recharged, my mind is clear, and I am ready to go.

* At the beginning and end of the vacation, I checked email and voice mail once every 2 days and was able to deal with a few (but not many) situations.

Blogging and newsletter production suffered, but I know you, dear reader, will understand.

If you are taking vacation time this summer, I hope you have the opportunity to "power down" as well.

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