I did not get a tie this year. I DID get to take my kids to Revenge of the Sith and enjoy a great meal at a sunlit table at Burgoo.

Fathers...like Mothers, have competing and conflicting priorities. To provide for our families - both financially, and with stability, and vision, and support and ... The list goes on. Pursuing our career to make a living (and hopefully do so in a way that builds you up rather than diminishes you) needs to be balanced with spending time (physically and mentally) with the family. Actively contributing to the development of your children. Not to mention the never-ending cycle of logistical problems that are part and parcel of your typical household.

And, on top of these responsibilities, remaining a healthy and interesting person (friendships, hobbies, etc.).

Father and Mothers...similar roles and responsibilities, but also unique aspects. Big jobs. Important work.

So, a special wish to you readers who are Dads. Good job.

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