Sam's Club Interview on Recruiting Top Performers

I recently did an interview for Sam’s Club Source Magazine on Recruiting Top Performers focussed on small and medium sized businesses. It is published in their current edition.

A few tidbits…

“People are more likely to sign up for something they can identify with; emphasize what is special about your business. This is an opportunity to make it clear that employees have an opportunity to be part of something.”

“This is why it is important to take the search and recruitment process seriously and hire professionally…Develop role descriptions and candidate specs that are meaningful and accurate….”

“Small businesses need to leverage their advantages, including the fact that they are nimble and that employees can be a bigger part of a smaller team, actually make things happen and have more fun in their roles.”

“A major reason why people leave small businesses is that the personalities of the owners are often too strong to deal with…”

Lots of fun.
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