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Your Physical Work Environment

Restructuring your work space

Questions for you: Where do you do your best work? Are there places where you do a certain kind of work better? What is the right space for you for a certain kind of work activity?

Me: I need to have multiple work environments for my best productivity. For example, I do my best writing either sitting outside on the deck (as I am now), in my living room, or, believe it or not, in a cafe. There is something about the ambient noise that allows me to write creatively.

However, I could not do detailed client work in that same noisy environment.

Some people can only work at the same desk and nowhere else.

To the extent that you have some control over this (one of the benefits of being a solopreneur), try becoming aware of what works for you. Just as our physical energy ebbs and flows during the course of the day, your work might get a boost from identifying those patterns, and using them to your advantage. In an office environment, free meeting rooms, a lounge area, or a walk around the office complex might be the outlets to help you boost productivity.

You could also look at personalizing and optimizing your main physical work space to make it more conducive to a satisfying and pleasant work day. It needs to be functional and pleasant. (i.e. you need to WANT to spend the day there)

This is one of those subjects entirely about personal preference. There is no right answer. So, if it sounds like something that could help you, give it some thought.

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