Blogging from the Volkswagen dealership

Car servicing taking a lot longer than I had budgeted. Feeling grateful right now, in no particular order, for wireless, my iPod, Starbucks, and my Moleskine journal.

Struck up a conversation with a fellow customer over my Powerbook. (Apple...I think I just made a sale for you!)

Neat guy. A young, accomplished immigrant with finance and accounting designations, a US Masters education, and great finance / IT work experience.

He has found out that the market gets nervous about finance and accounting managers trained in other countries.

Faced with that reality, he has figured out a niche for cleaning up ERP implementations, and is doing really well, thank-you very much.

Is the market underutilizing this talent, and other highly qualified immigrants. Yes. Has he figured out a way to double and triple his income? Absolutely. I am not worried about him.

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