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Resumes: Handling In-Progress Education

You should absolutely include any relevant in-progress education or specialized training. The only time when you might not want to do it is when you have literally just started, or when the training itself is only a few days or weeks long and you have just started. You should wait in these instances.

Otherwise, truly “in-progress” education and training is a positive thing.

It is important to convey how much you have completed and/or how close you are to completing the requirements. Here are some formulas:

Bachelor of Science, University of _______ In Progress. Completed X/Y required credits. Expected Completion Spring 2007.

Training Certification, X/Y courses/credits successfully completed. On target to complete certification by month/year.

Of course, it is better to have your degree completed, but the next best thing is clearly demonstrating that you are focused, motivated, and on target.

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