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Clarity & Precision

There are many necessary elements to a well-managed career. I am continuously struck by the importance of clarity and preciseness when it comes to being on the job market, promoting yourself, and navigating the changes and potential opportunities that arise. Clarity is vital in order to understand your strengths, interests and where you fit best. Clarity in your thinking and planning for what you want to do next and where that fits into your overall career plan. Clarity about what is important to you. Clarity about why you make a compelling and attractive candidate for work assignments. Preciseness is important in how you communicate the above. In your day-to-day interactions. In the formal packaging of yourself via your resumé, cover letters, bio, web site, blog, or portfolio. Preciseness (and overall messaging) in your ability to interview effectively. Of course, it is difficult to be precise in an authentic way without first being clear. The ability to market yourself effectively stems from that clarity and precision. Communication therefore plays a vital role in how you successfully manage your career.

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