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Avoid the Clichés

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Making your resume stand out

You… “I add value.” “I have great interpersonal and communication skills.” “I am organized and hard working.” Hiring person… “Yawn.” That’s what the person sitting across the table from you in the interview is doing. And if someone is reading your resume or LinkedIn profile, their eyes probably skipped right over these all too common ideas. If you are in a networking meeting or informational interview, you might have blown your chance to make that important impression.

First, figure out what you really want to say, Then, figure out how you can say it in a way that is profound and believable. Consider providing evidence to back it up…”as evidenced by ______.

I don’t have proof, but I am certain that the brain of experienced resume readers and interviewers immediately clouds over when it spots or hears these clichés. Even worse, a critical hiring person will dock you for not coming up with something more personal. More importantly, you need to know exactly what your strengths are and what the benefits of having you on board are. That’s the real issue.

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