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Make Summer Career Progress


Summer career development

Summer in this part of the world. Please be aware that the summer does not have to be a wasteland of activity for your career and professional goals.

It is very possible to make profound progress on the development of your career, your job search plans or your career change goals during these two months. Consider 4 types of activity:

The Internal

You have complete control over this. From doing work like analyzing what you have accomplished, where you fit, what your interests are, to defining your targets, sharpening your value proposition, preparing your resume, improving your interviewing skills and planning. The summer can be a great time for this important work.

Networks & Research

You can also make progress on talking with and expanding your network. Yes, lots of people will be away, but there is still an opportunity to make progress.

On-the-job progress

Holidays can be a time to shine when you pick-up the slack from absent co-workers and a time to move the ball forward on some of those important projects.

The market

Out of the four, this is the one area where you have the least control. If the decision makers are away, there is nothing you can do about it. If you are active in the market, certainly move forward and apply, but be aware that schedules and timing may be messy.

Too often, I have seen clients start their process in September, but miss half of the autumn season because getting market ready takes some time.

Of course, I am going to enjoy myself too, and I hope you do as well. If you do not have any pressing career goals, fine. Recharge.

However, if you are working on some career-related targets, what realistic goals can you set for yourself to accomplish over the next two months?


The Globe and Mail, a national newspaper here in Canada picked-up these thoughts and quoted me in last weekend's edition.

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