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Truth Based Job Search

Using your truth in career development

Previously, I wrote about truth-based career management and truth-based resume writing. In this article, let’s explore a truth-based model for a successful job search.

Developing a solid understanding of who you are professionally is difficult work. It takes a lot of insightful observation on your part. In fact, this questioning is at the heart of many of the conversations I have with clients. Figuring out the truth about your professional self is important work. And, it is well worth the effort.

Simply put, the closer you can align your work with the truth about your goals, what you do well, what you are interested in and how you work, the more rewarding your career will be.

Job search is so much easier and effective when you have a crystal clear picture of who you are professionally. Here’s a simple model to consider:


It might begin with a clear vision of what you want your life, and the career part of it, to look like at a defined point in the future. The clearer the better. This takes some work.


From that general vision should flow goals. These goals provide definition to what you want to achieve, be and have. Goals take commitment and energy. And a plan. Try planning backwards to arrive at what you need to do next.

Job Targeting

With your goals defined, you are now in a better position to get some clarity around your next job target. Choose your target based on the truth about what you can do. And what you want to do. Selecting a truth-based job search target is a limiting factor in that you are requiring yourself to ignore those things that are unreasonable. On the other hand, it is liberating as well in that you are freeing yourself up to focus on the best possible options.


The first thing that most people do is “update their resume.” This is sub-optimal when the target isn’t clear. Once you have taken the above steps, from target selection flows a focused, evidence-based, resume. The more focused, and proof-oriented, the better. Please refer to Truth Inspired Resume Development article for more.


You are now in a better position to be an effective networker. You have a better idea of what you offer and you are clearer about where you are going and what you want next. As a rule, the more focused you are, the more the members of your network will find it easier to respond to you and help you.


If you really want to nail an interview, you need to arrive with an understanding of what you offer, how you work, proof of how your past experience relates to the job and other demonstrations of your focus. You do not achieve this understanding without doing the work above.

Decision Making

Congratulations on doing well in the interview and getting that job opportunity. Now, do you really want to take it? Critical decision-making is a key skill in managing your career. Does this job opportunity fit with the plan? Does it fit with who you are? This is a very short form of the process of course. It all starts with defining the truth about yourself. And then having the commitment and courage to act on that truth.

If you would like some professional, personal help with this process, tell me about your situation.

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