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Career Boosting Tip #1: Inbox Detox

Everyone is talking detox. Post holiday, we all need to lighten as it were…so, on the work front:

Before your inbox gets any bigger with 2007 stuff, book off a chunk of time and start processing and deleting. Get rid of the things you told yourself you were going to read, study, refer back to, or do, but haven’t come thought of or revisited in months.

Same goes for email and voice mail. Purge my friend. There is a great trick to get your inbox to zero from the O-Wise one Merlin Mann at 43 Folders. Create a new folder called DMZ or 2006 and drag EVERYTHING into it. Voila. Zero emails. Yes, you will have to deal with a lot of those moved emails, but this email purge allows you to start the New Year with less a sense of overwhelm.

Feel better as your inbox gets smaller and lighter

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