Happy New Year

We just returned from a long vacation in Quebec. As you can see, no blog posting or newsletters during that time. It was an important time for me to unplug both figuratively and literally (I didn’t even have cell access where we stayed).

I want to send you the very best for 2007. First and foremost, health and happiness for you and your loved ones. These are the foundation of everything.

And, I hope that you find / maintain / achieve that level of career & professional challenge, reward, and fulfillment that you are working towards in 2007.

Resolutions have a bad rep these days. However, the intent to make something happen during the year is a powerful one and the natural energy and momentum that occurs this time of year is one you shouldn’t waste.

Call them commitments, resolutions, goals, intentions, or action items. Whatever works for you. But grab hold and go for it.

My very best to you for the coming year.

Pencils. Binders. Lunch Box.
Ebb and flow