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Career Boosting Tip #6: Networking Advice: Be interesting

Whether you are job search networking or business networking, one sure fire way to slow yourself down is to be boring. Boring isn’t memorable. Boring doesn’t entice someone to want to follow-up. Which is not to say that you should be obnoxious, or outrageous.

Some ways to Increase Interest

Be Yourself

What is it about job search and networking? So many people try and morph themselves into what they think they are supposed to be - and that is transparent.

Be Your Best Self

Not only am I suggesting to be yourself, but go one step further, and be your best self. Turn that light on. Be alive. Be energized and enthusiastic. Increase your wattage and people will notice.

Have an Opinion

If you have an opinion, share it.

Be Plugged In

Usually, your networking is done in context…industry, interest groups, community organizations. Know what is going on. Demonstrate that you aren’t just floating by.

Genuinely Care

If you do nothing else, remember that networking is about relationship building, and the best way to start a relationship is to take a genuine interest in someone, and ultimately, help them get what they want. Be an active listener. Ask genuine questions and remember the answers.

Be Useful

Useful people are interesting. Are you a hub of information? A source of other contacts? Is your finger on the pulse of the industry? Can you open doors? Provide expertise? Slam dunk any of the above and you will be interesting.

You get the picture.

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