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Career Boosting Tip #11: Yes vs. No on Career Decisions

Next time a significant career-related decision comes up, pause and give some careful thought to your decision-making criteria.

When I am interviewed by the media and the topic comes up, I share what is in my opinion one of the largest problems or mistakes in career management.

When it comes to making decisions about job offers and other career opportunities, saying “yes” when you should say “no” ranks right up there as a key factor in career management problems.

Saying “yes”, when you should say “no” is a major cause of career derailment, frustration, shattered self-confidence, unemployment, or even worse, just plain misery in terms of how you spend your Monday - Friday working hours.

Your Yes vs No analysis applies when:

  • You decide which opportunities to spend your time on

  • Job content and task orientation turn out to be focused on areas that aren’t interesting or configured to allow you to be successful in this job

  • You gather information about the organizational environment in which you will be working. Lack of fit here can really lead to problems for you

  • After interviews or gathering information, you sum up how well you can work with your potential new boss. Trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t

Most importantly, feeling that you have the freedom to say No means that you have created a situation where you know you are going to have choice and don’t have to settle on the first thing that comes along.

If you can’t be successful (in broad terms) in the role you are being considered for, don’t say yes.

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