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Career Boosting Tip #9: Show Leadership during Crisis

There are times in your career when your employer, business unit, team or boss will experience a crisis of some sort.

Save the day!

These crisis moments represent opportunity for you.

I strongly believe that striding into the breach during crisis, change, turmoil and situations where workload exceeds capacity is a smart career move. Like anywhere else in life, when you stick your nose out, it can get burned. How does the old adage go? If you want to be more successful, increase your rate of failures.

And like everything else in life, “how” you do it is an important component in increasing the probability of success of the “what” you do. Sometimes it takes finesse not to step on toes. However, showing this kind of leadership in a difficult time will likely:

  • Earn the appreciation of the higher ups

  • Get you noticed

  • Demonstrate your leadership traits

  • Show you as a team player

Step-up and stretch yourself.

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