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Unleash Your Super Powers

Superman spent most of his time working a desk job. Mr. Incredible had to hide in a super protection program. Spidey’s powers kept getting him in trouble.

….being a super hero seems at best to be a side job. Or a hobby. Or at worst, deviant behaviour.

What are your powers and are you using them to perform better and have more fun in your job? Or take your career in a new direction?

We talk about working in your strengths more. Getting paid to do what you are really good at is smart. But like a lot of super heroes, your powers aren’t usually on display and being used. The day to day pressures of your job, or changes in management priorities, or a lack of confidence on your part.

What might it mean to you to unleash your super powers more often…?

In my case, I need to create. One of my powers is revealed when I flex my creative muscles around my expertise and passion in the area of career management and transition and professional development. Designing and delivering presentations. Creating new tools. Writing.

What about you? What are you holding back? Can you use that power today to make a bigger impact?

Why not today? 

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