On work life balance - a raw read from Merlin Mann | 43 Folders

In the Inbox of my DevonThink Pro Office app, I keep a Read/Review folder to which I post articles and sites to, well, you know. I just came across this. It isn’t that new (April, 2011).

This articles deserves to be posted it because it is awesome. And the writer, Merlin Mann, is well, awesome as well. Specifically, Merlin gives us the raw, honest truth as he comes to a Jerry Maguire type epiphany in the moment that working on his book contract ain’t what he wants to be doing.

If you struggle (who doesn’t) with being tugged between the expectations to / commitments from others, the work you really want to do, and where / with who you really want to be, then Cranking | 43 Folders will speak to you.

It did to me. Seriously. Read it.

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