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6 Articles on the Holidays and Career Reflection and Planning

Over the years, I have posted some thoughts and ideas on managing the holiday experience, some of which has been published on and other career / job related sites. Thinking it might be of use to highlight them as a collection, here they are for your reading pleasure. If you find yourself with the intent and / or time to do some career management / planning during the remainder of the holiday season, these articles may provide some guidance or inspiration. Reaching back all the way to 2005 (yes, I was blogging then), an intro to my Career Development During the Holiday Series, followed by something I called the Social Phase, then the Reflective Phase and finally the New Beginnings Phase. And of course, some thoughts about achieving holiday balance in a very busy and demanding period of time, as well as some personal reflections on achieving a state of clarity and rejuvenation from time off work. I hope you find these articles of value to you.

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