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Responding to Inner Enemies and Market Forces

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I have met my inner enemies and they are perfection and complexity.

For too long, I have been intending to send you new newsletters, and blog more, and announce new offerings to help with your career management, job search, career change and personal branding goals. And then I get stuck. Since the How to Manage your Career in Scary Times report, not a lot of activity. Like you, I have obligations that I can easily use an an excuse. In my case, there is always a core group of 1-1 clients working with me through their career transitions and personal branding efforts.

That isn’t good enough for me. Every time I speak to an audience, publish something or engage 1-1 with a client, I generate a Wow reaction. And that feels great. But I have a need to reach and serve more of you. In my case, my real enemies are perfection and complexity. I want things to be perfect for you. And I make things too complex. And this holds me back from sharing my expertise and passion and caring to you and a wider audience.

So, no more. It is time to play a bigger game.

Responding to Market Forces

In this kind of economy, there is a strong tendency to go small. And to hide. I don’t want to do that. Speed, simplicity and value trump perfection and complexity. So, I am going to go Big. I have always liked the play a bigger game metaphor. It says something to me about raising my level of play (including my tennis game).

And the bold message is a timely one. This is a time for big ideas. And for taking an approach that sets you apart from the competition. So, here are my primary goals and solutions for the future:

Goal: To speak to you (and more of you) more often.
Solution: Trying to blog and produce a newsletter wasn’t working. As of today, I am publishing from the BoldCareer Blog, and automatically generating those posts to a daily feed newsletter through my mailing list provider, MailChimp. So, if I posted something in the last 24 hours, you will get an email around 8am Eastern the next day. If I didn’t post - no email. If you like what I have to say, please share. If you know someone who could benefit, please refer. Thanks!

Goal: To become more relevant to my core audience and to serve more of you.
Solution: On any given day, there are many 1-1 clients benefiting from career transition services, professional resume writing and other personal consulting services. However, because they are 1-1, they don’t fit everyone’s budget or needs. And these services don’t address subtler, less urgent career management issues. I am going to:

  • Experiment with events and focus days and a collaborative job search solution that I call Job Search Task Force.

  • Offer a wider net of pricing options.

Goal: To have fun by doing what I do best.
Solution: I like to create. And to bring people together. So, let’s see what we come up with.

Invitation & Warnings

I invite you to join me, then on this next leg of the journey. It seems that many people, at all levels, are either personally worried about their jobs, or have an immediate family member of friend who is the same boat. Let’s work through this, and keep your career on track at the same time.

Warning 1

I am going to work towards Good vs. Perfect, which means that things might get messy at times.

Warning 2

I make my living by helping you manage your career. So, my posts will include coverage of my new offerings, special offers and links to products and services. I hope that when you need me, that there will be a solution that fits your needs. Of course, you are welcome to read and appreciate for as long as you want. If you object to the commercial content, I understand. You can unsubscribe at the bottom of this message.

That’s it for today. Coming up: Job Search Task Force - a new job search solution and Events.

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