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Employee Disengagement Common - Globe & Mail Interview

I did a lead interview a few years back on employee disengagement for Canada's national newspaper, the Globe & Mail. Is your job satisfaction low? Do you feel disengaged with your work? More to the point, if you think that you have a pattern of self-sabotaging your career or feel disengaged with your job, is to analyze the situation: Is it the job or is it you?

"Certainly a cause of disengagement could be bad times -- layoffs, continuous re-organization, uncertainty about what your job really is, who you report to, where you fit, workload problems," Mr. Christie said. "But then you also have to ask the question of yourself: What about your last job and the job before that? Every two years, do you end up like this? "A lot of people do. It's boredom, it's some pattern they get into . . . and it's somebody else's fault. My boss hates me, the company promised me a promotion and I didn't get it, I have got too much to do and I'm not getting paid enough, yada, yada. And a lot of that can be true."

Whatever the reason for low job satisfaction or employee disengagement, no one else is going to do anything about it. You can read the original article on the Globe & Mail site -  Disengagement Said Common in Workplace for some general ideas on what you can do to turn it around.

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