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LinkedIn Profile: Visibility and Conversion

When I received this nice looking notice from LinkedIn regarding my LinkedIn profile, my initial reaction was to be pleased and pat myself on the back. Hey, my profile was top 1% of most viewed profiles for the year! Sounds great. However, with 200 million users and growing, that puts me in the company of well, another 2 million minus 1 users. So, clearly, some perspective is called for. With LinkedIn’s enormous growth over the last few years, I imagine that millions of users are only minimally engaged.

The publishing of this metric did get me thinking about LinkedIn profile visibility, tips for optimizing profiles and furthering our professional goals

  • First, what drivers can be used to increase your LinkedIn profile visibility.

  • And second, to what end? What do you want to happen when someone views your profile? What kind of conversion metrics make sense, if any.

I will talk more about these two topics in upcoming posts.

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