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Recommendations on LinkedIn's Viewers of this Profile Also Viewed Setting

Stop Diminishing the Impact of that Valuable Visit to Your LinkedIn Profile

There's a LinkedIn feature that in most cases does you no good, and may even harm the overall impression you're making on your LinkedIn profile. You can't see it when your editing or viewing your profile. And you have no control over it. What it looks like on your profile is only discoverable if you view your profile from someone else's account. That is, the Viewers of this profile also viewed setting.

What's the problem with Viewers of this profile also viewed?

First, you have zero control over what's appearing on your carefully crafted profile. Second, someone has landed on your profile and you're giving them reasons and destinations to go somewhere else. It's hard enough keeping attention. You'd like that person to stick for a minute and read some of the amazing things about you. Third, the list of people may be showing your competitors, people with similar skillsets or job titles. That doesn't help you in most cases. Finally, the list of people might display people that don't reflect well on your brand. Too junior, wrong industry, look unprofessional. In a sense, LinkedIn is saying with Viewers of this profile also viewed that you're grouped with these other people. Hmm. Not good.

Is it it always bad to have Viewers of this profile also viewed turned on?

Not necessarily. Here's two reasons why it might make sense to keep it: I recently completed a LinkedIn profile service for an executive level client in a global technology business. In his case, he's embedded in that company and leveraging LinkedIn to do business. His Viewers of this profile also viewed shows a relevant, senior list of colleagues across this global enterprise. Together, they are promoting the brand and products. For him, that's perfect. The second case is when you are trying to brand yourself forward and LinkedIn, based on whatever algorithm they are using, is displaying the headshots and profiles of the level of people you aspire to be,  or industry you're trying to enter (note: career changers). In that case, you could argue that the results of Viewers of this profile also viewed is enhancing your brand by putting you in good company. If you follow the step below and see what's being shown on Viewers of this profile also viewed you'll get a sense of whether it makes sense to turn off.

How to see Viewers of this profile also viewed on your profile

If you want to see what's appearing on your profile, you'll need to enlist the help of someone. A family member or friend will need to view your profile. Either lean over their shoulder to see what appears or get them to take a screenshot and send it to you. Your reaction and decision should be based on what your primary LinkedIn goals are. Most of the time though, it doesn't serve you at a minimum, and can be detrimental. Need help crafting or upgrading your LinkedIn profile and presence to further your career growth and professional / business goals?

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