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Perfect Career? Don't Get Stuck.

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Career Growth. There Is No Perfect Path

One of the major roadblocks to career growth, is operating on the assumption or belief that there is a perfect career, one magic job or profession that someone should be in, and that if it could be identified, would be the solution to everything. Or, it's the dream job at a Google or Tesla, so far from where they are currently as to be like a Mount Everest to their basic hiking capabilities.

So, in the absence of finding the perfect career (aka right answer), people stay put. Or they apply to online postings (with thousands of other hopefuls) at dream companies. And when they inevitably have to make a career move, they do so in a hurried and unplanned way.

In my experience, some people, have a specific thing that they “find” and in which they can be happy for the rest of their lives. A surprising number of people stumble upon really great fits. This may be you, but if you don’t know now, you should accept the fact that there might not be just one perfect career for you.

Even if you have found your calling, it doesn't mean that there aren't career moves in your future. Organizational circumstances change. You need to grow.

The trick of career growth is to move in the right direction, with intention. Any career moves that you make, should put you in a better position, relative to your professional interests, leveraging your strengths, deepening or rounding out experience or skill sets, building expertise on purpose and very importantly, placing you in environments where there's a strong overall fit.

Do any of the above (and ideally, combine them), and you are well on your way to moving closer to what is going to allow you to be more successful than what you have now.

Start working on you

If you foresee a pivot or move in your future, even if it's a couple of years out, start the important work of laying the groundwork for a successful and intentional move.


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