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LinkedIn Post Experiment Results

LinkedIn Screenshot from Ian Christie profile

In a previous article - Loosen-up: How to write an engaging LinkedIn post, I covered how leveraging the evolving social side of LinkedIn can aid your career growth and job / business success. I began an experiment to illustrate the effectiveness and impact of content with conversation / engagement on LinkedIn. The experiment was successful and I wanted to share my LinkedIn post experiment results with you to help you better leverage LinkedIn.

I wrote a text post, which LinkedIn initially distributed to around 300 people in my network. As the Likes and Comments came in and the discussion progressed, the number kept climbing eventually reaching 4100+ views, almost 2.5x my network size.

screenshot of LinkedIn post engagement

  • The post received 27 likes and 11 comments, not giant, but strong

  • Views of my profile spiked

  • Importantly, people outside of my network (2nd, 3rd degree) saw and commented on the post

  • I received more connection requests, AND I proactively connected with the 2nd, 3rd degree people who commented on the post

  • At least two of the conversations will result in offline follow-ups

  • Sign-ups to this email list went up during the week that the post was very active

  • And I was contacted by a media outlet to comment on an article

All in all, I added value to my existing network through the discussion, I grew my network and helped my business.

Key Lessons to Help Make Your LinkedIn Posts More Engaging

  • Find a way to add value through the topic of your post: I picked a topic that I think is evolving and relevant to you, network and subscribers

  • Reinforce your brand, expertise, professional interests etc: My post helped position me as an expert in LinkedIn, which ties in nicely with my LinkedIn course

  • Don't just post the discussion topic and hope for the best: I shared the post with newsletter subscribers and I tagged / messaged a few people in my network to get their opinion

  • Have a conversation: I replied to every comment like I would a face-to-face conversation, which sparked more engagement

If you care about your career growth, job success or growth of your business, and you're on LinkedIn, presumably you're expecting results of some kind. This is one of several ways you can get more results for yourself in this increasingly social business world. Check out our LinkedIn profile writing service or get in touch about LinkedIn consulting and coaching.

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