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Career Development During the Holidays Series: The New Beginnings Phase

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Okay. You’ve socialized. You’ve reflected and planned. What’s next?


On what?
Internal career development. Job search. Career change. Increasing your profile and personal brand in your market / community. Launching that product or service. Personal development. Personal or family projects. Health. You name it.

Some powerful ideas for getting a strong start to your year:

1. Schedule your year

Major events and milestones. Self-set deadlines for goal achievement. Vacations. Long weekends. Weekly f…

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Career Development During the Holidays Series

The Holidays are not a career development wasteland. In fact, December & January are a powerful time for career development. There are 3 time periods, or natural phases that take place during the Holidays and each phase has its own inherent opportunities. They are:

  1. The Social Phase

  2. The Reflective Phase

  3. The New Beginnings Phase

How can you make the most of the Holidays? I will look at each of these in turn over the next day or two.

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What's Holding You Back in Your Career?

One of the things that a coach will do is get you to identify and be honest about those things that you are resisting doing. My latest Monster article, What's Holding You Back in Your Career tackles one aspect of the question.

“Is there some task or project you’ve been doing your creative best to avoid working on? I’ll bet there is. But instead of wasting mental energy worrying about it, you can learn to overcome your resistance and tackle important, high-value tasks quickly and efficiently so th…

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How to Get Unstuck - 5 Steps

5 steps to breaking through the wall

How often do you have a project / task to do, but find yourself in neutral, with your wheels spinning? Staring at your computer screen, messing around with email, flitting from one piece of paper to another, and getting more and more frustrated because you have an objective, a deadline, and you are getting further and further behind?

It happens to me, but not as often as it used to.

There are different forms of being stuck and in an upcoming article, I write abo…

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Making work personal

Sharp readers are going to catch me stating the obvious on occasion...that's ok. Often, the most obvious is really a profound truth. Here is one that can make your life a lot more pleasant, and increase your chances of success:

Try and work and do business with people you like and respect.

Being successful in your work, career and business dealings to a large extent is about putting yourself in situations that fit.

Cultural fit. Environmental fit. Job fit. And, people fit. If you can't stand…

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Stop Undermining Yourself at Work

I don’t know about you, but I am certainly guilty from time to time of undermining, or self-sabotaging myself. My latest article - Self-Sabotage: Stop Underming Yourself at Work tackles the subject.

“From time to time, you may undermine yourself on the job with your behaviour. This form of self-sabotage not only prevents you from performing at your full potential, but also gives colleagues and customers an opportunity to think less of you as an individual and professional.

With self-…

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