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Timing Resignation with Annual Bonus Payout

If you are preparing to make a career move or contemplating a move and you have an annual bonus payment coming up, how to time your resignation with the payout is an important question. The obvious goal is to line up your resignation such that you receive your annual bonus payout. Learn how to do that in this article.

If you leave early (prior to payout), can you expect to get all or some of your bonus earned?

If you have a discretionary bonus, the short answer to the question is no, probably not.…

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Future Proof Your Career Against Ultimatums

Can you future proof your career against an ultimatum? Together, we’ll look at what would you do if you were faced with a "take it or leave it" announcement that dramatically impacted your job and work life.

Elon Musk reportedly sent an email to Tesla’s salaried employees requiring their physical presence in the office ... or else. This ‘take it or leave it’ edict raises an interesting career management lesson and question.

How immune and resilient would you be in the face of the "comply or resign…

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Is Your Job At Risk This Year?

Is Your Job at Risk in 2024? I recommend that you do a short job risk-assessment exercise.

A best practice for your well-managed career is a periodic threat analysis. What is on this year’s horizon that could be a threat to your job, your income, your market position or your career growth?

The idea is simple. If there’s a reasonable likelihood that something could occur outside of your control to threaten your professional well-being, it’s worth anticipating and preparing for it.

Job Risk | The Ho…

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Reflect During the Holidays

Holiday Review

Beyond strengthening bonds with those around you, the holidays offer an invaluable opportunity for reflection. While the value of New Year’s resolutions has been questioned, I have found that there is a natural cycle occurring during the holidays that I can leverage to reflect on progress, learnings and create plans for the coming year.

Take advantage of this convergence to invest in some reflective time.

Questions to get you started

1. What happened this year that I want to record? …

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Accidental Career Progression?

I have an important concept for you this week. In our arsenal of key concepts, the career management trap that we call accidental career progression resonates with a lot of mid and late-career people. So much so, that part of the tag line for the Bold Career Project contains its opposite: Intentional Career Growth. If in looking back at the years of your professional journey to date, you feel that your decisions and moves weren’t intentional, that you took the first decent job offer, sometimes s…

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The Career Management Definition (not Crisis Management)

Career management is not crisis management

I wanted to share with you an important lesson that I was reminded of from two full-process career transition clients that I started working with this week. If you want a career management definition, let's start with what it is NOT. You see, both of these clients, independently, communicated the same thing: If they could go back in time, they would have put more attention, while in the job, on their external profile, network, and relationship management…

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