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Job Search Strategy 2/6: The Job Posting route

Landing a job through a posting…ask most people what’s the first thing they do when they start a job search, and they will tell you that they searched job postings, online or in the newspapers.

Trolling through job postings is an essential part of a well-rounded job search. However, it is also at the bottom of the list of effectiveness. Most people do not get their jobs through postings.

Benefits to postings, other than finding a job:

1.Gives you an idea of who is currently hiring for what

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Job Search Strategy 1/6: Getting Moved Internally

Getting Moved Internally…you can help make several cool things happen within your existing employer.

The obvious one is to get promoted. While this has become harder and harder, if you know the ladder you are climbing is the right one for you, working towards this can be a good thing. One should never hang the whole success of their career on the potential of promotion internally, but it is the classic way of moving ahead.

The other way to go is lateral…into a new job, assignment, or project. …

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6 Job Search Strategies

There are basically 6 ways of landing a job

Thinking about a change or need to make one quick?

1. Get moved internally

2. Land one through a posting

3. Get called

4. Market yourself to target companies

5. Get referred / sourced / recommended

6. Create your own If you expect to be successful in your career, you need to both know where to spend your time and efforts and master the appropriate skills.

I will delve into each of these in coming posts. How’s that for incentive to keep you coming back? :-) BTW…

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