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Career Development During the Holidays Series: The New Beginnings Phase

Okay. You’ve socialized. You’ve reflected and planned. What’s next?


On what?
Internal career development. Job search. Career change. Increasing your profile and personal brand in your market / community. Launching that product or service. Personal development. Personal or family projects. Health. You name it.

Some powerful ideas for getting a strong start to your year:

1. Schedule your year

Major events and milestones. Self-set deadlines for goal achievement. Vacations. Long weekends. Weekly f…

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Career Development During the Holidays Series: The Reflective Phase

Beyond strengthening bonds with those around you, the Holidays offer an invaluable opportunity for reflection.

In recent years, the New Year’s resolution has been battered in the media. However, there is a natural cycle occurring that we can and should benefit from. We are hardwired to wind up the old year and ring in the new. It is a natural time to reflect on where we have been and where we want to go. The Holidays also offer the potential for time off, or, depending on the business you are in…

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Career Development During the Holidays Series: The Social Phase

Of course, during the Holidays, you have competing demands for your time and attention. Parties to attend. If you celebrate Christmas, shopping and preparation to do. The lead-up to Christmas is a natural time for socializing. While your schedule may be crammed, there is a career development opportunity.

1. Build Ties within your organization

The Holidays are a natural time to solidify ties within your place of work. Let’s face it. The bonds between colleagues can get stretched. Difficult decision…

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Career Development During the Holidays Series

The Holidays are not a career development wasteland. In fact, December & January are a powerful time for career development. There are 3 time periods, or natural phases that take place during the Holidays and each phase has its own inherent opportunities. They are:

  1. The Social Phase

  2. The Reflective Phase

  3. The New Beginnings Phase

How can you make the most of the Holidays? I will look at each of these in turn over the next day or two.

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Dear Boy: Letters from Lord Chesterfield to his Son

I have a book that I bought, apparently in London judging by the price sticker on the back, many years ago. I don’t remember doing so, but I have read this book, cover to cover, several times and it has a permanent place on my shelf. Back in the 18th century, there was an English Lord, diplomat, and politician by the name of Lord Chesterfield (yes, that’s where that word comes from). He had a son who he sent away to be educated from an early age. Rather than neglect, he had a very specific educa…

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