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Not Engaged at Work? Use these Questions to Move Forward

Feeling stuck or unengaged in your work and job? If you could have more of something in your professional life, what is it? What are the missing ingredients to you feeling more fully engaged with your work? It wasn’t too long ago when frustration consumed me. In that job, I was missing key ingredients important to me. How I felt impacted my well-being. I worked on bringing some of these into my job, but finally determined that I needed to create my own environment. So, I made a change. Here's ho…

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Bullet proof ideas

Is Your Current Job Worthy of Your Ambitions?

If you have ambitions to grow and advance, your current job and other professional involvements should be a canvas to develop, show what you can do and make an impact. That impact is summarized by bullet points in your resume and the true stories you tell in an interview. Is your current job worthy of your ambitions?

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Interviewing-How to Answer-Tell Me About Yourself

How to Answer 'Tell Me About Yourself' in an Interview

The 'Tell me about yourself' question is the most common opener in interviews and is not an invitation to recite your resume. Nor, spend two minutes talking about your favourite hobby. This is an opportunity – a predictable opportunity, to craft an engaging, intriguing executive summary of who you are and why you are there in the interview and start the interview with confidence and momentum. Learn how to do that in this article.

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What's Your Professional Theme this year?

I have a simple strategy for how to dramatically level-up your career growth, well-being, and success as a manager, executive or other professional.

Here it is: Take stock of your career situation and the road ahead by first identifying the current career energies driving you now, and second, defining your professional theme(s) or career theme for the coming year.

In order to make progress, take more ownership, and be more intentional about your professional journey, taking stock of your situatio…

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