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A Plea for Boldness

What can I say? The times call for boldness. In managing our careers and lives.

I don’t mean brash. Nor flash. Nor large, uncalculated risks.

The situation is as follows: There are way more job seekers than jobs at the moment. Companies aren’t hiring very much. High paying jobs are getting outsourced. There are a lot of well qualified folks out there under or unemployed.

So, what’s your stategy for success? Take your chances? Wait for a turnaround? Keep doing the same things even if they aren’t …

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Are You Engaged?

How to make your work compelling

You need to be aware of a significant career management danger. In this tough economy and job market, your professional expectations may be unmet. Whether it is job satisfaction, career development or job search success, things may not be going your way. When this happens, there is a natural tendency to disengage, to unplug. You go through the motions, but part of your mind is elsewhere, unfocussed.

You can instantly recognize people who are fully engaged. They are…

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