Career Coaching

Expert Career Coaching & Career Consulting Services

Whether you’re in a career transition, planning for future career moves, or wanting to be more intentional about your professional journey, it makes sense to get expert guidance not only at key pivot points but also to set yourself up for a stronger future. We offer career coaching and career consulting / advising services in two broad areas: strategic career moves and intentional career growth.

Career Coaching & Consulting Team

We have a talented team of experienced and trained career coaches and career consultants ready to provide you with the expertise, insight and coaching you need to take that next step.

Typical situations that we can help you with…

  • Help you prepare for a specific opportunity (strategy, resume, cover letter, interview coaching)
  • Help you design and navigate a job search (proactive or forced or as an outplacement solution) where your target is similar or at the next level to where you are currently
  • Help you undertake and navigate a career change; either one where you have ideas to explore and validate, or where your search is open-ended
  • Help you on-board successfully into a new role

International Career Growth:

  • Help you make sense of your career journey to date and coach you on a direction and path for the future
  • Help you with situational awareness in your current role; identify areas of strength and weakness, opportunities and threat and set action plans in motion
  • Support your success in your job mandate, particularly in environments that are stretching capabilities or challenging
  • Work with you on an ongoing basis to help you achieve your career goals.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel a sense of direction and control over your career moves?

When you start a job search in a rush, without preparing, you dramatically decrease the likelihood of landing something you really want and deserve. 

When you pursue or explore job opportunities, you are joining the market for talent and that means that you will usually be in competition with others for jobs and it means selling your offering to buyers, aka decision makers. In all cases, your job is to induce someone to say yes to you and ideally, you should have a specific idea about who that someone is. 

In fact, there are significant risks to not being market ready for your career transition. One of the problems with career transitions is that for many people, they have to happen Now! And that means entering the job market or the promotion shoot-out without being sufficiently prepared. Urgency is sometimes unavoidable, but when urgent replaces common sense preparation, there is a long list of risks you run into including: 

  • Little or no response to your resume
  • Poor interviewing performance
  • Not being able to go for what you really want, or not knowing where you fit and what you want.
  • Feeling like you don’t have choices and saying yes to the wrong opportunity (usually the first thing that comes around) and then spending months and years feeling trapped in the wrong job.
  • Saying no to the right opportunity because you weren’t clear about your true values were or where you really fit.
  • Precious time wasted.
  • Longer job search, and perhaps a longer period of unemployment.
  • Settling. Not getting your true value.
  • Confidence crisis.

Key Risks & Costs

  • Write your text by editing it directly on this page.
  • Your time is valuable 
  • You need perspective

Our Clients Report These Key Benefits

  • Move forward with confidence
  • Sets you up for the interview
  • Clarity and confidence from developing a deep understanding of their track record

  • The achievement of key personal and career goals

  • The energy, etc. that comes from working from their strengths and unique offering

  • Renewed focus from defining and articulating a powerful value proposition

  • Mastery of the Conversation - from formal interviews to networking

  • Higher income as a result of the above