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We’re proud to say that over the past 20+ years, our services have consistently met or exceeded our clients’ expectations, and we’re confident that we’ll meet or exceed yours as well. However, to ensure that you too are completely satisfied with our services, we're happy to offer the following guarantees:

Career Coaching & Consulting: money-back guarantee up until the start of your second session

Resume, Linkedin Profile, and other professional identity documents: we’ll work with you until you're thrilled with the result

Courses & Programs: 15-day money-back guarantee

Founded by Ian Christie in 2002, Bold Career is a boutique career services business with extensive experience working with executives, senior management and a range of mid-career professionals in career transitions and intentional career growth.

We are proud to be the BC-Affiliate of Career Partners International, providing Outplacement and Career Transition.

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Executive Candidate Solutions

If you have an immediate or upcoming executive or senior level opportunity, our expert coaches will help you feel prepared and confident by acting as a hiring process expert. Our experienced coaches help you navigate the different stages of the hiring process from your campaign strategy, to articulating your professional identity with your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, to preparing for and de-briefing interviews, to supporting you during negotiations and to designing a successful onboarding plan. We can help you land that role. Starting at ...

“It would have been very difficult for me to get through this process without your help. Your last email analyzing the situation accomplished something incredibly important – it got my family to feel good about me taking this offer. You provided the credible outside expertise that we needed to bring our expectations into perspective.”

-Matt Valle, SVP, Sales (USA)