Problem section

Define the stakes. How bad is the problem your customers face? Why shouldn't things be this way? List out the problems or fears your customer might be facing.

  • Problem
  • Fear
  • Problem
  • Desire
  • Problem
  • Fear

Value Proposition

 What is the core benefit your customer is going to experience? How will their life transform? Keep this to 1 or 2 sentences.

The Blog

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Describe the benefit in more detail here.


"Write a customer testimonial here. 

Make sure it clearly says the problem your customer faced and how your solution helped them overcome it.

It should be no more than 3 sentences, preferably 1 or 2."


Who they are, what they do, etc.


The plan

Give your customers a simple 3 step plan for doing business with you. It should be dead simple so customers can see how easy it is to improve their life with you.

Step 1

What's the very first step they need to take?

Step 2

What about your part? If you do any heavy lifting, summarize it here.

Step 3

Paint a picture of success after they've bought your product.

Your one-liner here or one sentence testimonial

You could also shows logos of past or current customers

How are you different?

Use this section to briefly explain how you specifically help your customer like no one else can. You can write a paragraph here or keep it short to one sentence. If you have a lot of text, write a short intro here and then add the rest to the "hidden" section below.

This is where you can write a bit more. Think of this as your "elevator pitch" or "sales letter". As always, make it clear and tie it back to your customer's success.

Bold Career Project

“This is a fantastic recommendation!”

CEO, John Doe Corp

Bold Career Project

“This is a fantastic recommendation!”

CEO, John Doe Corp