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Subject: 9 Reflection Questions to Wrap up 2022

Don't start 2023 without reflecting on 2022 + 4 lessons from my Dad, the banker

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My wife, Marie, and I often discover that we’ve forgotten vital moments during the year. Challenges. Experiences. Wins. Perhaps you can relate Reader.

That’s one of the reasons why before I plan for the coming year, I reflect on the past year. The holiday season presents an excellent opportunity to do both.

This powerful ritual helps foster confidence and gratitude, reminds you of your resilience, courage and creativity for the inevitable future challenges, and primes your intention for the coming year.

In today’s newsletter:

9 Reflection Questions to Wrap Up 2022

Reflecting on your professional year in 2022:

1: What challenge(s) (external and internal) did you face and overcome? What did you learn from the experience(s)?

2: What can you celebrate? What are you happy about in your professional life? Grateful for?

3: What were the best investments you made in your growth and success this year (books, program, coaching, etc.)?

4: In what areas did you make the most significant impact (results, initiatives, people, processes, other)? What are you proud of for this year?

5: How did you grow as a leader or professional?

6: Who did you impact this year?

7: Who made the biggest difference to your career journey/professional success this year? Where did that relationship come from?

8: Looking forward to 2023, what are your blindspots (recession, how to make a career move, new role or job responsibility, …)?

9: What emotions do you feel about your career situation for the coming year? What questions are you asking?

If you’d like to use it, you can access this reflection exercise via an online worksheet on our platform. Happy reflecting!

4 Themes for Career & Life (A Tribute to My Dad)

Shortly after the passing of my Dad 6 years ago this weekend, I reflected on his career as an old-school banker, beloved by his employees and much liked and respected by his clients.

  • Old-fashioned values never go out of style: He believed in the power of the relationship, character and the handshake. Punctuality, a broad vocabulary (he used to drill us in the car) and the golden rule were core to how he operated and he always turned out just so. He was classy, gracious and generous and I never heard him speak ill of anyone. These are habits and values that should never go out of style.

  • We touch and impact people - use that power for good: He had the belief that everyone has a story worth telling and hearing, no matter their station in life.

  • Strong relationships come from attention, caring and respect: My Dad was a walking CRM. He simply believed that we should make people feel comfortable, ask questions about their lives and not talk about ourselves too much. And through that, and the equal attention he gave everyone in his life, relationships were built.

  • Hard work wins the day: As a career consultant, I often focus on natural abilities, skills, and expertise and these are critical to leverage. But thinking about my Dad this week, I’m reminded also of the power of good old-fashioned hard work.

Read the short article here.

Happy Holidays!

I will take a break from sending the newsletter on Dec 24th in preparation for spending time with family and friends. I will be back in your inbox on the 31st. Wishing you the very best of the season!

Ian Christie
CEO & Chief Career Strategist - Bold Career