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Subject: The Roadblock to Your Rewarding Professional Journey

6 reasons leaders need to get over feeling uncomfortable with personal marketing, my top book recommendation for mastering the art of networking, and links to three personal marketing articles

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Happy Saturday Reader. Did you know that the 2nd Friday of January is known as Quitter’s Day (referring to New Year’s Resolutions)? My one fail this last week has been honouring my digital sunset habit. With the Australian Open on, I’ve been glued to the matches each night.

Otherwise, the Quitter’s Day date/statistic is something we at Bold Career can ignore, right?

If you continue to read this newsletter, I can assume that you are IN. In on nurturing, designing, and improving your professional journey. In on following through on your professional goals.

My job is to keep showing up with coaching and content to help you stay on track. Good? Great!

In today’s edition, 6 reasons leaders (current and future) need to get over feeling uncomfortable with personal marketing, my top book recommendation for mastering the art of networking, and links to three personal marketing articles on the blog.

6 Reasons Why Leaders Need to Get Over Feeling Uncomfortable with Personal Marketing

Want a fulfilling and rewarding professional journey? The reality is that you need to find a way to embrace a level of personal marketing that ensures you are well-represented, known, findable, and trusted.

Between where you are today and your professional goals is the marketplace for talent. Even your success progressing in your organization has a personal marketing angle.

Unfortunately, most people don't agree or don't see the full picture.

Most managers, executives and other professionals see personal marketing as inauthentic and something they shouldn't have to do.

It feels out of your comfort zone.

You may have an icky feeling about people who promote themselves.

6 Reasons to Embrace Personal Marketing

Market Reality

It can be a very competitive marketplace for talent. The bar is generally high. Your level of comfort and skill with personal marketing will help or hinder your success in getting noticed or winning opportunities. 

Finding FIt

It can be complicated to understand your unique professional DNA. The reality is that the sooner your career decisions bring you closer to what fits you, the happy, healthier, and more successful you will be. Personal marketing is the key.


The quality of your work life positively or negatively impacts your mental and physical health, family, and social relationships. Personal marketing helps unlock the opportunities that create choice. Choice allows you to navigate away from bad and towards good and great work situations.

Manifest Your Unique Gifts & Mission

Don't waste your gifts or the hours you spend at work. Personal marketing will help you identify and land work situations that allow you to give at your highest level, or pursue your own vision and mission.

Making Pivots & Changes

When you reach a point where you want to pivot or make a larger career change, you need to be able to sell why you for a non-linear transition. 

Representing Your Team & Organization

As a leader, you are responsible for representing your team and organization. How you show up on LinkedIn, for example, reflects both on you and your team.

The first step is to recognize that avoidance is holding you back, or even hurting the health of your career. The second step is to learn how to better represent yourself in ways that feel authentic. The third step is to develop the skills and confidence to put it into practice. I can tell you that the rewards are many.

Reading Recommendation

If professional networking feels “icky”, read this book

There are a lot of books about networking and relationship building. I purchased 100's of copies of this book in my former role leading the MBA career centre for a top 100 b-school.

The best book on networking for professional success I've found is Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi.

For a few reasons:

  • He takes a values-based approach; caring about and being interested in those in your network

  • The focus is on relationship creation and nurturing, not connecting contacts

  • He teaches mutual benefit and giving back

  • It is highly practical

Developing your networking is an essential pillar of a well-managed professional journey. I can't recommend this book enough.

Note: I know it works because numerous MBA students resistant to the need to network came to my office or wrote thank-you notes informing me how powerful this was.

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