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Subject: Setting-up for Transformational Progress

Is winter coming? Set your professional goals and plan.

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Reader, I am excited about what you can make happen this year! Today, we continue this series on empowering you to pursue a transformational and successful professional year.

The goal today: recognize the context of the year and get a bit more specific on what you are committed to achieving.

The Bold Career mission

Let’s start with a reminder about what we believe and stand for at Bold Career, as it will help you to assess and plan.

We help professionals design, develop and pursue a rewarding and fulfilling professional journey. What does that mean specifically? Here are 8 components (feel free to add your own):

  1. You are working in an environment that is a great fit for you at this stage of your career

  2. You are performing work that best utilizes your strengths, interests and values, at this stage of your career

  3. You choose to be there and are thriving. When you make career moves, you do so intentionally.

  4. You can see and value the impact of your work

  5. You feel fairly rewarded for the work, time and effort you put in

  6. You are in demand inside your organization and externally, and you know that you have options

  7. You’ve developed a strong reputation, nurtured a network and receive incoming professional opportunities

  8. You are aware of where you are on your professional journey and have the confidence and courage to imagine your future and pursue professional adventures if desired.

My advice: View these like health markers. (1) Assess all these on a scale of 1-5. (2) If a 3 or less, plan to get back on track. If 4-5, nurture and protect.

Winter is Coming?

Your plan for what’s next exists in the context of the economy and how your market is doing.

There are mixed signals. Clear signs of economic downturn mixed with solid job growth.

The takeaway? Assume that there will be continued or increased uncertainty and a bumpy ride. Which means …

  • It is a brilliant move to be proactive about managing and developing your career this year.

  • To be ahead of any risks, and resilient in the face of forced changes.

  • And to be prepared to take advantage of professional opportunities.

Get More Specific on your Professional Goals and Areas of Focus

So, your goals and areas of focus may come from the exercise I gave you about your state and emotions as you begin this year, the list of prompts I gave you last week, or from your self-assessment of the 8 components to a bold professional journey.

To help you get more specific, below are 16 sample ideas arranged by career growth categories.

You could accomplish any of these this year.

Build Your Professional Capability

1) Master an existing skill or acquire new ones

2) Develop your leadership competencies and/or pre-prepare for your next-level role

3) Strengthen your job market skills

Get Clear and Confident in Your Professional Identity

4) Develop your professional story

5) Better understand your strengths and value

6) Sharpen how you define your target market

7) Proactively develop a resume that tells your professional story and “brands you forward”

8) Finally, take LinkedIn seriously to develop and cultivate a profile that you can be proud of

Plan Your Future

9) Face up to your fears about making a career move/change or pursuing a next-level role

10) Dare to dream AND plan your ideal professional future

11) Take steps this year on a proactive career move, exploration of what else is out there, or incubation of an idea you dream of pursuing

Manage the Business of You

12) Does the Recession get you worried? Get ahead of the curve with job risk analysis, build your profile and network, and lay the foundation

13) Stuck or frustrated in your job? Figure out how to change the script and/or situation

14) Key work relationships that need development? Cultivate stronger, more meaningful relationships with those key people.

Engineer a Move

15) Plan and execute a Proactive career move

16) Intentionally work on earning that promotion OR a next-level role in another organization

Book a Discovery Call to Partner on Your Goals

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Plan for the obstacles that could hold you back from taking action or making progress

Among the many possible goals and areas of focus, some are relatively easy and need a bit of time and attention. Others are more complex and need to be pursued over time.

To increase your success rate, write down what you think could hold you back. Think of both internal and external roadblocks and constraints.

  • Time

  • Fears

  • Overthinking

  • Day-to-day responsibilities and life habits

  • Not having confidence or clarity on how to proceed

  • …?

Next, how can you solve for the obstacles that you’ve identified? What decisions do you need to make? What support do you require? How will you hold yourself accountable?

Reader I have given you a lot to work on. Congratulations on creating the time to read this newsletter. You are creating a habit of investing in your professional self. I am a big fan of yours for having done so.

Whether you're an executive, a manager, an up-and-coming professional, or are self-employed, I see an exciting future for you. Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss utilizing our expert services.

Until next week,

Ian Christie
CEO & Chief Career Strategist - Bold Career