Sales Testimonial for Career Coaching

Searching for a job is tough, finding the right job is even more difficult. I realized that in order to find a new job I needed to prepare myself. And I knew that I couldn’t do that alone. After so much time with one employer, I wanted an edge. I wanted guidance finding new opportunities, preparing for interviews, and I had doubts about my marketability in a competitive industry. Thank you, Ian, for your heartfelt advice, perspective and compassion. 

The enormous value I received from your positive and encouraging coaching cannot be overestimated. When you are knee deep in the changing tides it can be easy to lose sight of the horizon. Being able to have a personal and objective resource for all of the important questions and moments of self-doubt helped me stay focused. The experience of being coached by someone towards a very specific goal, which involved some difficult thinking on my part and a lot of patient probing on your part, was very positive. It got the job done.  And it got me the job. Thank you for being there for me on this difficult, but enlightening journey. I truly hope to work with you again in the future.
- Stacey Mountford, Senior Sales Representative - Vancouver, BC

HR Director Testimonial for Career Coaching
CTO Testimonial for Career Coaching & Resume Writing