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Hello! In the '90s as an Executive Recruiter, I became fascinated by deciphering the personal marketing success patterns of business talent. That led me to start my first career business, get acquired, lead a product team for the world's largest job board, found Bold Career in 2002, and lead a global top 100 B-school careers program. After three decades, I'm still fascinated by finding ways to better help our clients.

Our awesome team of career coaches, consultants and staff champion and support your career success. Whether you have an immediate need or are searching for a partner to help you navigate your career journey, we'd be honoured to support you. 

- Ian Christie, CEO & Chief Career Strategist

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How are our Career Coach & Career Services Different?

Whether you’re in career transition, planning for future career moves, or wanting to be more intentional about your career, it makes sense to get expert guidance from a career coach not only at key pivot points but also to set yourself up for a stronger future. Bold Career is focused on supporting the development of your career, the growth of your professional profile and network and helping you make smart career moves through career services, career coaching, programs and online training. Here's what you can expect from us:

    • Senior Experience: We specialize in the career paths of managers, executives, and other professionals. Whether you are seeking to make a job move, better align your career direction, or are focused on building your career, we bring deep experience.
  • Strategic Insights: From high-impact video lessons to worksheets, frameworks and assessments, we have resources specifically designed for your level to use in a DIY situation or as part of working with one of our talents career professionals or in a program.
  • Your Unique Story: You have a valuable set of professional assets and your own unique professional story. We help you uncover, appreciate and communicate your value in the marketplace.
  • Marketing Gap: Effective personal marketing is the missing ingredient for most executives and managers. This marketing gap is the obstacle to more rewarding and fulfilling careers. We help you close that gap.
  • Professional Journey Lens: We go beyond the tactical, the current need and help you look at the bigger picture, your professional journey. This lens illuminates exciting opportunities to design and influence a professional journey in service of you. 
  • Bold Moves: You may have more options than the job posting / recruitment game and traditional full-time employment. COVID, technology and buyer behaviours have shaken the "rules" and made alternative models more feasible. We can help you navigate these bold moves.
Bold Career Project

“Through conversation and crafty probing he was able to help me unpack my brain and put on paper what I've achieved over the past 19 years. After 3 months, I landed my new assignment and have him to thank for helping me get there.”

Business Development Manager

Bold Career Project

“...the single best course on career management I have ever taken. It gave me the perspective to identify my career missteps and armed me with the tools to better understand what it truly takes to be strategic in your professional journey. I wish this course was around 20 years ago!”


Bold Career Project

“The new resume was a work of art, it was magical at getting me in the door...I had 30 to 40 interviews and 4 offers. The resume put me in the driver seat, I was able to make a choice because of my resume versus taking the 1st thing to come along.”

Divisional Controller


 What Brought You Here Today?


A Live Opportunity | Candidate Solutions Services

When you’ve been contacted by a recruiter, flagged for a potential promotion or you’ve applied to a job and landed an interview, we can help increase your ability to evaluate and win the opportunity. From acting as a hiring process expert and strategy partner to helping with your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to preparing for and de-briefing interviews to supporting during negotiations, get expert help on this important career moment.

For Managers & Mid-Career For Executives & Senior Professionals

Making A Career Move  | Career Transition Services

Comprehensive packages that get you "market ready" for your next career move. From strategy, messaging, job search materials, campaign and opportunity support, packages can include career coaching, done-for-you career services like resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, as well as mock interviews and negotiation support. You will also get access to our online platform of videos and worksheets to support your next career move. Get Market Ready!

For Managers & Mid-Career For Executives & Senior Professionals
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Elevate My Resume & LinkedIn Profile | Professional Identity Services

Are you proud of your LinkedIn profile? Feel confident that your resume sets you up for your next role? We are experts at effectively telling your professional story through these and other personal branding assets. In this competitive market, "dusting-off" the resume is not a great strategy. And if your LinkedIn profile is not effectively positioning you for both now and your future direction, you are missing out on the world's largest business platform. Your time is too valuable. Let us help you.

For Managers & Mid-Career For Executives & Senior Professionals

Explore & Navigate A Career Change | Career Change Services

Exploring or undertaking a bigger career move, like a career change or career pivot, we bring deep experience and expertise in helping you explore, navigate and execute on your career change. Our focus is supporting mid-career+ professionals in leveraging their existing professional assets - experience, expertise, skills and interests, to uncover career paths, market niches and career directions and take action with confidence. We'd love to learn more about what you are thinking. 

For Managers & Mid-Career For Executives & Senior Professionals
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Achieve Success In My Current Role | Career Coaching

Working with a career coach makes a lot of sense when you're looking to build your career inside your current organization, or when you're struggling, stuck, or underperforming. From bigger coaching conversations to tools and tactical approaches, we can help you build confidence and clarity, show-up more consistently as your best professional self, navigate the workplace, build your profile and develop those all important relationships.  

For Managers & Mid-Career For Executives & Senior Professionals

Take Ownership of My Career | The Intentional Career Growth Program

We invite you to consider a broader view of your career, what we call your professional journey. Resume updates, interviews, performance reviews, career decisions ... these are all micro-moments along your professional journey. Important, but taken in isolation, they can easily be disconnected from the broader view. If you're ready to take more ownership of your professional journey to plan, design, and lead a stronger professional future, we'd like to be your guide. 

Learn more about the Program
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