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Bold Career Project

Choosing to work with Ian and his team at The Bold Career Project has been one of the best investments in my professional growth.

Their transformative approach equipped me with high-impact assets, insights, and strategies, empowering me to take full command of my career journey and unlock my professional potential.

Ian's work has profoundly reshaped my views on career success and personal achievement, excelling at identifying both strengths and areas for improvement and offering actionable solutions that have made a significant difference. My only regret is not partnering with Ian and his team sooner.

For any ambitious professional or executive, having the Bold Career team in your corner is as essential as a world-class coach is to an elite athlete.

Their coaching has given me a bold competitive edge. Why not give yourself the same advantage?

CEO, Quantum Industry Canada

Bold Career Project

I can't say enough positive things about Bold Career Project. Facing a transition into the demanding executive world, I felt overwhelmed and outdated.

Their team was incredibly knowledgeable, providing expert guidance tailored to my needs. From revamping my resume and LinkedIn profile to honing my interview skills, they gave me the tools and confidence to land my dream executive role.

Their professionalism, support, and genuine care for my success made all the difference. If you're looking to elevate your career, look no further!

Asst. GM

Bold Career Project

I had the pleasure of having Ian as my first ever career coach to proactively support me in preparing to be able to build my resume, understand strengths and make myself ready to look for new opportunities.

From a very high level, detailed career inventory (which was painful but so necessary), I was set up on the right path to understand what my strengths are, and what I want from my career and roles going forward.

I highly recommend any professional to invest in a coach and Bold Career Project is a great company to do that with.

Vice President, Client Services

Bold Career Project

"Ian is that rare combination of talent plus experience that makes someone exceptional at what they do.

His coaching has made my goal of shifting business sectors manageable by helping me create a strategic plan based on what he’s seen succeed in the past."

Entrepreneur in Residence - Texas

Bold Career Project

"The best career consultant in Vancouver! After 19 years with my company I decided that I needed to make a strategic career move.

I opted for the 'top of the line' service which included a series of online tools and training on resumes, job searching, networking, etc. After 3 months of working with Ian I landed my new assignment and have him to thank for helping me get there.”

Senior Insurance Leader - Vancouver, Canada

Bold Career Project

"He has coached me through my last two career transitions. Getting a professional coach was the best career decision I’ve ever made.”

VP of Sales, Switzerland

Bold Career Project

“I recently relocated to Vancouver and I was introduced to Ian to help prepare me for the Canadian job market.

In summary I was able to secure a great job really quickly once I arrived in Vancouver and I believe Ian played an invaluable role in making my job hunt such a success."

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst - Vancouver, Canada

Bold Career Project

“I had the pleasure of working with Ian as a client who was seeking a change in career. Ian's series of videos were simple to follow, and were done in short, manageable chunks that were informative and challenged me to think deeply about where I envisioned myself in my career.

I would wholeheartedly recommend him as a supportive coach and guide in the process of career growth and change.”

Director, Cluster Workforce Growth - Vancouver, Canada

Bold Career Project

“Searching for a job is tough, finding the right job is even more difficult. I knew that I couldn’t do that alone. After so much time with one employer, I wanted an edge. I wanted guidance finding new opportunities, preparing for interviews, and I had doubts about my marketability in a competitive industry.

Being able to have a personal and objective resource for all of the important questions and moments of self-doubt helped me stay focused. The experience of being coached by someone towards a very specific goal, which involved some difficult thinking on my part and a lot of patient probing on your part, was very positive. It got the job done. And it got me the job.”

Senior Sales Representative - Vancouver, Canada

Bold Career Project

“I had been pondering future options for my professional life. I was taking a passive approach, scanning for job postings, applying & interviewing for a few, and hoping that something would present itself that I would get excited about. I was waiting for a lightbulb moment.

I finally got the clarity that I was looking in the first couple of weeks of the program. From there, the recurring themes of self-awareness and unique experience(s) driving future direction provided a really strong framework for formulating an action plan that feels right to me. You have created a course that is logical, comprehensive, & inspiring.”

Victoria, Canada

Bold Career Project

“I am an older professional . Who is now thinking about possible changes. I found the program a life changer. It provided, for me, new ways of thinking. One aha after another. It has helped me create refreshing ways to see my life and career journey.

The program is a comprehensive growth approach, to help professionals, establish where they are now, determine their career assets, and then intentionally and proactively move towards improved life and career options. It is strategic training for a lifetime of better bolder career choices. No matter what your vintage may be!”

Vancouver, Canada

Bold Career Project

“Simply the best investment I've made in my career. Ian helped me explore new career options after spending 15 years in a single industry.

He helped me to articulate my skills and experience in a way that made them transferable to other industries.

He opened my eyes to different career models and to target options that fit my interests. Ian prepared me to navigate the transition process with confidence.”

Director Global Events, Lululemon - Vancouver, Canada

Bold Career Project

“Bold Career Project was instrumental in helping me land a great job. They helped me with interview preparation, career coaching, an EQ assessment, resume writing, LinkedIn, and more.

… an amazing career coach who took her time to understand my strengths and weaknesses and maximize my career potential. The team exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier.”

Supply Chain & Business Analyst - Vancouver, Canada

Resume & LinkedIn Profile Writing Reviews & Testimonials

Bold Career Project

The Bold Career Project came recommended from a highly-respected, successful friend who spoke to its huge impact on her life.

I started engaging with the Bold Career Project by using its resume and LinkedIn updating services, and wow, what a difference! I have received so many positive comments on how great and effective my resume and LinkedIn profile are at really showing what my abilities and personality are.

I'm now in coaching with Ian and am formulating a strategy with him to take things to the next level.

Highly recommended if you're looking for no-nonsense guidance to intentionally build a bold career!

Vice President, Engineering

Bold Career Project

"Julien is an expert at professional branding and gave my resume and LinkedIn a great makeover."

Supply Chain & Business Analyst - Vancouver, Canada

Bold Career Project

“The new resume was a work of art, it was magical at getting me in the door. The copywriting was the best I have seen, significantly raising the bar for my resume, LinkedIn profile, and bio. The personalized process and results both exceeded my expectations."

Corporate Controller - CT, USA

Bold Career Project

"Ian provided excellent feedback on my resume and cover letters, and was instrumental in my now successful job search.  Thanks Ian!”

Sales Manager - Oakland, CA

Bold Career Project

“Ian stepped into my job search after several months of searching. He helped me craft the perfect resume and cover letter for my field. These landed me an interview with a great company."

Webmaster - Vancouver, BC

Bold Career Project

Our journey started when I decided to pivot halfway across the globe during a worldwide pandemic. I knew that I needed help with my resume, LinkedIn presence and job search. Ian delivered all of that and more.

He taught me to apply the analytical skills I use in software development towards understanding myself professionally. Vague notions of experience were transformed into relevant anecdotes and tangible achievements.

Software Engineer & Architect - Toronto, Canada

Interview Coaching Reviews & Testimonials

Bold Career Project

"His assistance in drafting my resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profile as well as providing pre interview advice and post interview debriefing meant he was always an integral part of my journey.

He has an excellent knowledge of what makes recruiters tick and this insight was immensely helpful. I would highly recommend his services.”

Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst - Vancouver, Canada

Bold Career Project

"Your mock interviewing service was such a valuable investment. I got the job offer and will accept it. Thanks for all your help.”

Senior Magazine Editor - CA, USA

Bold Career Project

“They coached me through the interview and offer process. Within 2 weeks, I landed the job I wanted.”

Webmaster - Vancouver, Canada

Bold Career Project

"Because he understands both sides of the business, Ian is adept at getting the right people working on the right projects, in the right jobs.”

Content Marketing - Boston, MA

Career Coaching Reviews & Testimonials

Bold Career Project

“Ian's guidance and advice was first rate and instrumental in being offered the CFO position I was seeking. The content and career tools are helpful and to the point. It has been a worthwhile endeavour engaging with Bold Career!”

CFO, Canada

Bold Career Project

I am thrilled to share my experience with the Bold Career Project. Having first met Ian over 15 years ago when he was providing career coaching services to MBA students at the UBC Sauder School of Business, I can attest to his profound understanding of the career management industry. 15 years later, I am happy to be his client once again.

Ian’s unique insights, honed over 20+ years of experience, have been instrumental in shaping my professional journey. His approach to career coaching is not only strategic but also deeply personal, ensuring that the advice and guidance provided are tailored to individual needs and aspirations.

The Bold Career Project team exhibits exceptional professionalism and a commitment to their clients’ success that is truly commendable. Their expertise extends beyond career coaching to include resume building, LinkedIn profile enhancement, and interview preparation, all of which have been invaluable in my career advancement.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Bold Career Project to anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of the career landscape. Thank you, Ian and the Bold Career Project team, for your outstanding service!

Consultant & Founder

Bold Career Project

“Career coaching tailored to my needs as a non-profit professional. The Bold Career Project team are great to work with and helped me figure out some key questions. Thanks Ian and team!”

Non-Profit Leader, Canada

Bold Career Project

“Fantastic career advisor/coach. His assistance was invaluable in my latest job search which was ultimately very successful. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for that professional edge to help them stand out to recruiters in their job hunt.”

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Bosa Properties

Bold Career Project

“The Intentional Career Growth Program was the single best course on career management I have ever taken. I wish this course was around 20 years ago!”

GM/COO, Canada

Bold Career Project

“I thought that you might be interested to know that I recently received a promotion, and am now VP/General Manager.  Your counselling and suggestions provided me with the tools and the plan to take the next step forward.  Two promotions since our first call - not bad.”

VP & GM, Thompson Corp.

Bold Career Project

“One of the best decisions I’ve made in my professional life is hiring Ian as my career coach. He is attentive to my professional goals and comes to each of our meetings with new ways to tackle my objectives and get results. Creative, positive…simply a great coach!”

Director Marketing, Vancouver

Bold Career Project

“Ian is great to work with because he is very experienced and is an outstanding listener. His help in building a negotiation strategy paid out 10x what I invested in his services. I expect to use Ian again in the future.”

SVP, Chicago

Bold Career Project

“I’ve tapped into Ian multiple times for his advice on day-to-day work issues as well as career planning. Ian always has great insight into situations and ready with some well-thought out solutions. I highly recommend him.”

Director Strategic Insights, Jack Morton Worldwide

Bold Career Project

“Ian has given me the confidence to take my career to the next level. He knows his stuff, and his advice is practical. I learn something from every conversation with him. Ian deserves a lot of credit for my future success.”

Software Development, Vancouver

Bold Career Project

“a natural innovator and gifted strategist in the career coaching space. He possesses a rare talent for content marketing and content development that equips people and organizations with the skills they need to showcase their potential online."

Senior People and Culture Leader

Bold Career Project

“I’m very happy I signed up for the Intentional Career Growth course. I have been working in my career for 14 years and it feels really good to take the time to reflect on what I have achieved and where I want to go. The course allowed me to get a new perspective on my career."


Bold Career Project

“The enormous value I received from your positive and encouraging coaching cannot be overestimated.”

Senior Sales Representative, Vancouver

Bold Career Project

“Helped me to take my rather unclear thoughts and ideas regarding my future career path and crystallize them into a realistic and achievable plan to move forward”

GM, Shanghai

Bold Career Project

“Fantastic! In just a couple of weeks this program has provided me with the knowledge and tools I needed to make more intentional, informed career decisions.”

Senior Program Coordinator, Canada

Bold Career Project

“I just finished the last lesson of the course - and I found myself feeling a bit emotional! The program has been fantastic in regards to my 'professional journey'.

It's not only inspired me to take immediate action on some items, but it's greatly influenced the way that I view the trajectory of my career path. It's changed the way that I view my job, my relationships with my colleagues, my approach to my work.

Taking this course couldn't have happened at a more perfect time, where there has been space to sift through the many concepts & lessons. I'm sorry that it will soon be over!”

Sustainability Consultant, Canada

Bold Career Project

“What struck me the most was Ian’s empathy. He genuinely cared about my success, giving me hope when the odds seemed insurmountable. His help was crucial in the realization of my ambitious goal and enhanced the way I think about my career.

The best career advice I can offer? Speak to Ian Christie.”

Software Engineer, Architect

Bold Career Project

“I was fortunate enough to be part of Ian's first class for his Intentional Career Growth program in 2020. I was a bit wary to join as I haven't found online training to be for me but Ian's combination of online discussion, offline reflection and his leadership made the program extremely worthwhile.

The program helped me reflect on what I had done in my career and where I would like to go. I use the information I received on a daily basis in both professional and personal situations."

Sales, Business Development and Non-Profit Leader

Bold Career Project

“It would have been very difficult for me to get through this process without your help.  Your last email analyzing the situation accomplished something incredibly important - it got my family to feel good about me taking this offer.  You provided the credible outside expertise that we needed to bring our expectations into perspective.”

SVP, Chicago

Other Reviews & Testimonials

Bold Career Project

“I cannot say enough of how impressed I am with the staff's professionalism and timeliness in handling my project. I highly recommend them for your career advancement needs.”

Finance Professional, NY

Bold Career Project

“If you want to achieve Everest-like career goals, Ian is the guide to help you get there! I would not hesitate to recommend him and have done so on three or four occasions already.”

Business Development Executive, Ernst & Young

Bold Career Project

“Ian helped in the proposal phase of a new business venture. He was able to focus my energy and provide constructive feedback on the project. Ian’s help was invaluable. I highly recommend his services.”

Innovation Educator

Bold Career Project

“Ian’s delivery is very professional and helped me get back on track with my career by helping me see more clearly where my skills and passions lie.”

Project Manager

Bold Career Project

"There’s no way I would have followed through on writing that plan if I didn’t feel the pressure of being accountable through these weekly logs.”

HR Director, Edmonton

Bold Career Project

“Ian has been a tremendous resource for me. He consistently brings clarity and an action plan to solution for each question or challenge I pose. He is an expert in his field, well connected, and well respected.”

Country Manager, International Technology Company

Bold Career Project

"I would send you a hand written card thanking you for your valuable time and unique insights. You have given me priceless gifts in preparation for my meeting. I am deeply grateful and look forward to sharing the outcomes.”

Senior Strategy Consultant, US

Bold Career Project

“Ian clearly strives for excellence in his dealings with his client base. He has a solid grasp on executive advancement issues and technology and is a very personable coach. His unique gift is his ability to transfer his vast knowledge and insight to another individual with the true spirit of a teacher.”

Founder, Higher Bracket

Bold Career Project

“There are times when a manager needs an ally and a coach. You were this and more."

Program GM, Montreal

Bold Career Project

“Ian brings clarity, confidence, energy and wisdom to my career planning. He has accelerated the development of my personal branding & self-employment plans. I now know where I am going and how to get there.”

Senior Project Manager, London

Bold Career Project

“I’ve been reading your latest series of Dispatches and have loved and found real value in every single one. Just wanted to reach out and actually say it. Keep it up!”

Product Management Leader, Canada

Bold Career Project

“Your skills in clarifying and organizing thoughts and presentation are considerable. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to others.”

GM, Canada

Bold Career Project

“…exceptional knowledge of the job market and effective job search strategies, and his commitment to my success was obvious. …provided outstanding results that far exceeded my expectations. I recommend Ian to anyone who wants to take charge of their career and establish a trajectory that can create considerable personal and professional growth.”

Product Manager

Bold Career Project

“A portfolio career, like a financial portfolio, yields the best returns with savvy management. Ian Christie is a wizard at helping you find the most highly leveraged personalized strategy for investing your crucial time and attention resources for greatest impact.”

Chief Technology Officer, CA

Bold Career Project

“I never expected to get such excellent feedback. I really feel like you put a lot of thought into your responses and your feedback. I really feel like I am receiving valuable advice and my money is well spent.

I feel much more confident about walking in there and telling them what I can offer now that I know what I am looking for - I feel so much further ahead. Thanks for all your help!”

Manager, Accounting Firm, Vancouver